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Útil para buscar referencias. Es un catálogo que da cuenta de material existente en la Toscana. Sin embargo, tiene alguna utilidad para cuando necesitamos transcribir la referencia completa de algún texto que descargamos de internet.


Biblioteca de la Universidad de Halle

Biblioteca digital de la Universidad de Halle


Colección de estudios sobre el pensamiento político medieval

Pedro Roche Arnas (coord.), El pensamiento político en la Edad Media, EDITORIAL CENTRO DE ESTUDIOS RAMÓN ARECES,Madrid, sin fecha.


Free Access to all De Gruyter Journals in the Year of Science 2010

Dear Mr ....,

Five of the oldest and internationally best-known scientific institutions in "Berlin – Capital of Science" are celebrating their anniversaries this year. On this occasion, a large number of scientific institutions in the city are taking part in the festivities.

De Gruyter and the Capital of Science

When it comes to presenting Berlin as a scientific location of the past, present and future, De Gruyter is more than happy to join the activities. After all, for more than two-hundred and sixty years our publishing house has been one of the hotspots for high-quality, landmark research in the humanities and natural sciences in Berlin.

Free Online Access to all De Gruyter Journals

In this special year, we are happy to provide you with a fourteen day's insight into our complete journal program.

For information on how to activate your free online access to about 150 journal titles from a broad range of research areas please got to our website.

We hope you will find inspiring insights into our program and gain valuable information for your future research.

Yours sincerely,

Ulrike Lippe
Public Relations